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Mafia Secrets #5

Mafia Secrets #5

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Her uncle is attacking my businesses.
To draw him out, I’ll use her as bait…


  • Romantic Suspense
  • Dark Irish Mafia Romance
  • Second Chance Romance
  • New Adult Romance



I love Vi Carter, she never disappoints. - Juliet Amazon Reviewer ★★★★★ stars


Her uncle is attacking my businesses.
To draw him out, I’ll use her as bait…

I grew up not knowing who I was, yet I knew I was destined for something more.

When I found out I was the son of Finn O’Reagan—a powerful player in the Irish Mafia, I embraced my legacy.
The world I stepped into comes with its own list of rules.

Ones I find myself breaking for her.

She smashed my heart years ago, leaving me without remorse.
When she returns years later, her uncle is attacking my businesses.
It’s almost as if the two are connected, leaving me no choice but to use her to set him up.

The further I drag her down that rabbit hole with me, though, the more the line between love and hate blurs.

My old feelings for her start to rise rapidly.
Before we know it, we are both knee deep in danger…only this time, I won’t let her run.
Even if it costs me my legacy.
I won’t lose her twice.

Intro into Chapter One

The buzz of excitement brushes against me as I stand in the corner of my new club. It settles on my skin but never seems to infiltrate my system like it does to others as they dance, talk, and have their fill of drink. I have no idea what it would take for me to feel something close to excitement.

I step away from the shadows that had wrapped around me and walked onto the red carpet, which runs down the center of the room. Small wooden dividers break the room into four. Plants placed in very specific areas give the patrons the illusion of privacy, but our cameras and security have full coverage. We aren’t keeping a watch on their sinful play; I don’t care who screws who. It’s the small drug dealings that go down in our clubs that we won’t allow. That’s my business, and anyone stupid enough to walk into an O’Reagan club and deal right under our noses deserves to be punished. I like to remove a finger; it’s my trademark, my warning, my trophy for wiping anyone out who would dare stand against us.

To stand against an O’Reagan is a suicide mission, but I do come across stupid boys who want to meet their maker quickly because they think money makes them men.

All eyes are on me; everyone here knows who I am. And who am I? I’m an O’Reagan, of the east Mafia of Ireland. I hadn’t always known who I was, but even when I was young, I knew I belonged to something bigger. Crime was something I fell into even at school, behind the lockers making quick money from drugs or illegal cigarettes. I always had a knack for it.

Dolores, a fifty-year-old woman who lived a few doors away from us, flew to Turkey several times a year. She was our mule for illegal cigarettes, and I took every pack she supplied me and made a good profit from it. I often look back on those days with fondness, the hustle of it all. The adrenaline of wondering if I’ll get caught. I did — more times than I can count. My mother tried to beat the badness out of me, but once you have a taste for money, there is no going back.

It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I discovered why crime, violence, and quick money was in my blood. I never knew my father or what family I belonged to. My life was a lie until my father died, and in his will, he named me and my brother as his only heirs.

I watch as my cousin Shay steps into the club, cigarette in hand, completely at ease in his t-shirt and jeans, as his gaze sweeps across the room. He gives no fucks about the dress code as he stands among men dressed in suits. Shay’s wild eyes finally land on me as he takes a long draw on his cigarette before walking in my direction.

“This is a no-smoking premise,” I remind him while I keep an eye on everyone as Shay joins me.

“I’ll take it up with management,” Shay grins and takes another drag of his cigarette.

Everyone watches us; if they didn’t know who Shay O’Reagan was before tonight, they will now. Groups of patrons huddle together, whispering as their gazes keep swinging back to Shay and me. Their gazes divert when they meet my eyes, none of them bold enough to hold my stare. I know our clubs are full of young men wanting to get a glimpse of the Irish Mafia in hopes they can rub shoulders with us and maybe get a job. But, not many are brave enough to approach us.

“Darragh was here yesterday, and I already said no.” I know Shay is a king, and saying no to him really isn’t an option., If they want to turn my establishment into a whore house, I can’t stop them, but that doesn’t mean I’ll roll on my back and let them tickle my balls.

Shay walks to a table that’s recently been vacated and drops his cigarette into a half-empty glass. He’s facing me now. Scratching his beard, he takes a look around him before his gaze settles on me again. My spine straightens. Something isn’t right. I don’t see Shay much, and I never get a personal audience with him. Normally, I only talk with him when all the O’Reagans come together.

“This is your establishment. Do what you want with it.” Shay offers, and his word is final. I won’t have to do what Darragh asks.

I nod, but I feel no relief as I wait for the blow of why Shay O’Reagan is here.

“The club in Athboy was attacked.”


“Is it bad?” I ask.

Shay nods and takes out his phone. The screen is lit up, and Emma’s name flashes across. Shay pockets his phone without taking the call from his wife. I’m sure she won’t have to wait long as his stance changes like he’s ready to flee. It’s odd to see Shay dance to someone else’s tune as he’s only ever danced to his own, that is, until he met Emma.

She’s the only person in the world that has Shay’s complete respect.

“Jack was already over there. He got a name. Mike McGuinness. We have men hunting him already.”

My system seems to be flooded with ice when hearing that name. McGuinness.

Shay takes out his phone. “I better go. I just thought I should tell you in person.”

I track Shay as he slips from the club; the last thing I see him do is raise the phone to his ear. McGuinness. What are the odds?

It’s been over ten years since I’ve uttered that name and swore to destroy her. Lily McGuinness, the girl who tore my fucking heart out. She fucked me over and left me without a backward glance, and now her uncle is attacking my businesses.

I walk deeper into my club, my mind reeling with memories of Lily: Her smiling brown eyes, she had looked at me like I was a god. She had made me feel like one. I had the pleasure of kissing every inch of her tanned skin until she broke up with me and left.

Even after I buried my father and laid my brother to rest, Lily’s betrayal was like a numbing gel, and fuck me, she had lathered it on thick. Feeling anything these days was hard, all because of her, and now her uncle had the balls to touch what is mine.

More people pour into the club, they move around me, but I sense their stares. I can’t make out their whispered words, but I know they speak of me. Another flood of people enters, and my eyes lock on one. She’s smiling; she’s older, she’s more womanly.


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